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CanaryPAGES Atlantico S.L.
C.I.F.: X123456X
C/ Teobaldo Power 1
C.C. Sonnenland, Local 111
35100, Maspalomas
(+34) 928 14 83 64
These Terms and Conditions apply to the contract for the free or paid provision of services for the purpose of disseminating advertising and Internet services on www.canarypages.com

The customer has the possibility at any time to remove or modify his entries independently from the website without giving reasons. In the case of premium contracts, the terms of the respective package booked and the term starts from the booking date. Unless an objection is made, a Premium Plan will automatically be extended to the end of the contract for the term specified in the contract.

The customer can register his business for free on canarypages.com. He enters the necessary information and automatically creates a user profile. This entry is added to the company by CANARYPAGES ATLANTICO S.L. subsequently checked and unlocked. The customer now has the option of upgrading his entry independently with a premium plan.

A. Standard Entries: Standard entries are free and any business owner can register their business. Also already existing entries can be claimed. Free entries can be written in multiple languages ??and include a logo. It will display third-party advertising.

B. Premium Entries: An existing entry can be upgraded at any time with a Premium Plan. The customer then gets the opportunity to expand his entry with pictures and videos and there will be no ads for this entry.

When providing Internet services, CANARY PAGES ATLANTICO, S.L., agrees to provide the customer with the specified storage capacity and transmission speed. The contractual server is shared with other customers, that is, it is not used exclusively to host the customer's websites. CANARY PAGES ATLANTICO, S.L. can not guarantee that the contractual services will be constantly and uninterruptedly available during the contract period as there may be technical problems on the network or with the internet service providers. It may also interfere with the equipment or require unforeseen measures such as repairs, maintenance, and software updates. However, the service provider guarantees that he will try to eliminate such disruptions as soon as possible. The customer therefore accepts occasional failures of the connections to a reasonable extent and expressly waives the assumption of liability and all contractual or non-contractual compensation claims due to faults, slow connections and access disruptions. CANARY PAGES ATLANTICO, S.L. declines all liability for data loss or unintentional deletion of the data, if this is due to actions of the customer. Also, there is no guarantee of complete recovery of all data because data may have changed between the time of the last backup and deletion. The contractual services do not include the obligation of the service provider to save the recovered data itself or by the customer on the server.

For websites and their design, as well as online shops, etc., the intellectual property rights for the design of the websites, applications and tools at CANARY PAGES ATLANTICO, S.L. or their suppliers. The customer only receives a license for limited use of the websites. Customer / Advertiser warrants that he owns the data, information and materials he provides or that he has written permission from the owner to use them. CANARY PAGES ATLANTICO, S.L. is entitled to keep a copy of the design in order to show it as a sample of his services and to include it in his presentation folder.

The customer / advertiser is the only one responsible for the content of the advertisement and the website, emails, promotional clips, online shops and other contractual products and services. It may under no circumstances include content that is in the interest of CANARY PAGES ATLANTICO, S.L. or a third party, laws, morals or public order. The customer exempts CANARY PAGES ATLANTICO, S.L. any liability resulting from the design and content of the websites or their e-mails.

The parties agree as the place of jurisdiction for any uncertainty arising from the interpretation and performance of this contract, the place San Bartolomé de Tirajana and they expressly waive any possible place of jurisdiction.
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